Apple cookie

De Lekkerste’s apple cookie is a real treat made with butter. The cookie is filled with a rich apple sauce and covered with a sweet biscuit lattice. The apple cookie comes in a single-portion pack. Wonderful as a snack, for when you’re on the go or as a treat. Simply De Lekkerste (The Tastiest)!


Sugar, wheat flour, 14% butter, Glucose-fructose Syrup, Water, 8% apple puree, White Beans, soybean, Modified starch: E1412, Stabilizer: Sorbitol/ E466, Vegetable oils: Rapeseed Oil, Dextrose, barn egg yolk, Raisingagent: E500/ E450, soya flour, Natural Flavouring: Natural Flavour (Lemon)/ Natural Apple Flavour, Acidity regulator: E333/ Citric Acid/ E332, Flavour: Flavour (Almond), Apricot Kernels, Salt, Thickening agent: Pectin, Colour: Carotenes

Nutritional information

Per 100 g Per 100 g Portion
Energy1649 (g)1649 (g)
Energy394 (kcal)394 (kcal)
Fat14 (g)14 (g)
of which saturated fat8 (g)8 (g)
Carbohydrates62.2 (g)62.2 (g)
of which sugars38.6 (g)38.6 (g)
Fiber1.6 (g)1.6 (g)
Egg whites4.4 (g)4.4 (g)
Salt0.42 (g)0.42 (g)

Allergy information

For all allergens please see the ingredients in bold. May contain traces of: nuts.